You may have been given this page because you have questions about the policies, why they are the way they are, or about who gets the privilege of setting them.  Thanks for reading.

Last Count Aug 2019:  Approximately 25 groups and 140,000 members.

The policies for Scanner Group and it’s brother & sister groups in the description on Facebook are a summary and have limited space. Our actual policies are linked there:  the full version. They goes into a bit more detail about how, when and why. We have had the same policies for 5 years (since 2014) as this was written in August of 2019.  The policies are presented inside the main group:

  1. On entry when one joins the group.
  2. In the group description (summary and link).
  3. In regular posts recycled at least twice a month.
  4. In the comments as reference during regular moderation at least 10 times a month.


I was originally asked to look at the group as a consultant, as a favor to a friend.  The original founders wanted to know some business and psychology advice for operating it better.  I came on as 1/3 owner.  The other two owners, over time, and as I spent more of my time and money on it, gave me their ownership in it.  It has been operated mostly the same way, with the same chain of command, since it’s first review and analysis, when it had 5,000 Members. Each problem was analyses and discussed with the 15+ admins at the time. That original group was from all walks of life. I chose them for the development. People of different colors, different religious preference, different sexual preferences, different sexes, different cultures, different nationalities, and different political interests. Our policies have borrowed and loaned throughout the country in other scanner groups.

That information was then crunched through my own mind and edited by all, including an experienced HR manager and admin that passed away, several of my own advisers in the business world. It was then spewed into type in the form of a website to compliment Scanner Group, as a resource. The policies, a scanner guide and lots of other neat stuff like our Code Black Research Tools are stored there, as is some of the history. It is the #1 site on Google Search in the world for what we do. Ask google anything about scanner group: tools, research, policies or otherwise. Google will give you the right page of our site.

Scanner Group is a business asset owned by ThiefHunter Labs, LLC, a company I have legally registered with the State and Federal Government. I own ThiefHunter Labs entirely myself. I am blessed with SOOOOO MANY friends like Jared and the other Administrators & Moderators that make the dream of owning a business that helps fight crime, support victims and do nice stuff in the community a reality for me.

I don’t take that lightly. I am a business developer and own 3 + have 300+ clients that my development business works for. Scanner Group (SG) & ThiefHunter Labs (THL) exist because of the Members, Admins and Mods. I have personally dumped 1000’s of hours and dollars into SG & THL from my family budget and the third business that provides my living ( The branding, website resources, bells, whistles, accounting, govt. filings, Facebook Corporate issues, management oversight, operational direction, potential risks, responsibilities and lots of headaches are mine. 🙂

We are all volunteers. Even me. We all do this because we want to live here. It is a beautiful place. WE WILL FIGHT FOR IT. Part of that is an occasional advertisement, a charity we as the operating volunteers want to support or a cause we believe in. about 50% of the content and all of the labor comes from volunteers, so the volunteers get to do that.

Actio Enim Amor Patriae

Ryan Mallory