Brandonlee Roy
is an AP student at Phoenix High School.  He is in French 4, plays the guitar and is liked by all.  On March 2, 2016, Brandonlee made a horrible mistake.  He was playing on the roof at Phoenix High School.  Not a good plan and fairly unlike Brandon from what his family and friends seem to say.  He fell from the roof and it Scanner Group Members may recall the post, the horror and the outpouring of sympathy. Brandon needs to be transferred to a trauma center to have any hope of regaining some functionality.  His family, although insured, is going to be faced with very big bills and expenses and time off work to attend to him.

COULD THIS HAVE BEEN YOU?  HOW ABOUT YOUR KID OR GRANDCHILD?  It happens. Members said it was a kid thing, it’s wrong, but lots had done it, and such a minor offense to have such a lasting affect.  You see, and I hope Southern Oregon youths are reading closely… IT REALLY CAN happen to anyone.  Roofs are not places to play. They are steep, slippery, and have no hand or foot holds.  Full grown men are required to tie off to the roof if they are working over 2 stories.  HUNDREDS of qualified construction workers die or have traumatic injuries falling from roofs each year.  They have training, hard hats, and experience.  Please climb a tree teens.  We love you and at least you will have something to grab on the way down.

If you are glad you and your kids didn’t fall, and you know some of ya’ll have been on some roofs, please find it in your heart to donate a few bucks to this young man’s long path to recovery, Scanner Group LLC has set up a PayPal interface on this page that deposits straight to Gina Roy’s account.  Gina and Steven, Brandonlee’s Mom & Dad, who are upset about the loss Brandonlee will feel for a long time need our help.  This family will need to travel to support a kid that just just lost his world.  Let’s help keep them smiling. Gina will mail a bracelet to you for your $5 donation.  If you want more than one for a donation over $10, please let her know in the PayPal notes (interface is below the photos on this page).

Actio Enim Amore Patriae


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