32-year-old Christopher Michael Linder is wanted for Assault, Menacing, Burglary, Kidnapping and Strangulation of his wife. Linder is described as a white male adult, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing approximately 200 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. Linder has multiple tattoos including the word “Brewer” on his left ring finger, the word “Linder on his back, Chinese writing on his left forearm, flames on his right arm, and a tribal band on his upper left arm. He may also have pierced ears.

Linder is not new to the life of crime.   Among his prior court cases are 2011 convictions for delivering methamphetamine and marijuana; a UUMV and in addition to these domestic assault charges, Linder also has charges of manslaughter and driving under the influence of intoxicants. 

Scanner Group LLC’s Ryan Mallory reached out to Christopher Linder, and urged him to turn himself in, the reply Mallory got was not one of an innocent, or even remorseful man (see photo ). Christopher Michael Linder is very dangerous and careless of not only his life, but those around him and our community. We need to work together to get him off the streets so stand trial for his crimes.


||||| NEW INFO |||||

Much about Scanner Group happens BEHIND THE SCENES. What we now know about the Chris Linder case, much of this confirmed by multiple parties to an owner of the group or we would not be posting it:

  • Beat his wife horribly and has a young child in the household.
  • Facing manslaughter for his friend loosing his life in a DUII rollover accident and is awaiting charges.
  • Other women (2) have confided in us that he also beat them on prior occasions.
  • Recovered addicts and former friends (3) have shared that he is an addict.
  • Some folks mentioned that he has said before he would never be taken alive.
  • His family IS NOT involved. They want him to face his charges. Do not bother them. Ryan Mallory has been in touch with them and it hurts pretty bad for them to get a bad name based on the bad actions of a grown man.
  • A few days ago a TRUSTED member recognized him in the North Medford Walmart Parking lot. The sheriff’s office was called. They missed him. He appeared to be doing a deal with person in another car. Here is the description of the car Chris was a passenger of and it’s driver.
    1. Silver Gray Chrysler (likely a charger)
    2. PLATE# 542GET (Oregon)
  • Some paperwork was filled out with his name and address. The address matches his estranged wife and he is absolutely not there. In fact he is still harassing her.
  • Most recently Chris texted her saying he should have just killed her. This guy is seriously a woman hater.
  • He was spotted in Northwest Medford by a member as well. Seems to be staying local. Other tips came in but only giving info. on the ones members reported to LE.
  • He has taunted our business manager by private message from his personal FB account as well as publicly. Also taunted the public and LE publicly from a FB profile that was shared with his estranged wife. She has no control over the account.
  • Other information was provided by Central Point PD:
    1. 2002 Suzuki Motorcycle
    2. White but could be painted now (he is a car guy)
    3. PLATE# M718480 Oregon

LET’S GET THIS GUY OFF THE STREETS. We talked to CPPD. They want him bad. They are the agency to call. Report to them first, then comment on SG if you like:


CALL CPPD:  541-664-5578