Admin Team Policies & Code of Conduct


The management and volunteers of this Group feed are bound to the member policies.  In addition, they will abide by the following policies and procedures.  We are not immune to mistakes, but we intend to set an example with our online behavior for our Members; by being extra diplomatic, congenial and accurate during all posting and moderation.  We will also confirm any online information we find about a call or event before posting – similar to a news agency, but obviously we are on Facebook, so yeah, there is that.


Scanner Admins, Reporters and Moderators are a privileged few and a different breed of online citizen. We are expected to maintain an extremely high level of diplomacy and congeniality when working with Members and non-members.  We are never attempting to be the problem, but rather the solution.  We don’t start or finish wars, we sign treaties and agreements.


Scanner Group Administrators are free to manage disturbances within the groups no differently than LE handles disturbances in public.  The admin staff of volunteers will do their best to stop negative comments from continuing with diplomacy and tact.  Should a Member ignore congenial efforts by a Scanner Group Admin to turn the public conversation or their spamming practices around after being addressed politely, then with a direct warning, they may be subject to being banned.  So to recap, here are the steps to handling hard situations well:

  1. You should ask them to take their argument to our 1st Amendment page called WARS!. That’s where our Members debate, discuss and even argue, meme at each other and have fun in almost any style (suggest they read the rules).
  2. If the problem conversation does not stop, use your best judgement to decide if a ban is needed or consult the team in chat.
  3. If problems go beyond that, PM or otherwise, escalate to a manager if you need to and managers can escalate to the owners as needed.


WARS! Debates
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