WHAT IS WARS! from Scanner Group LLC?

This is an open forum to discuss, debate, rant and argue.

DISCLAIMER: Enter at your risk. Often, adult topics are covered! We think Facebook’s existing rules work just fine for this kind of group. THERE IS NO ACTIVE MODERATION!  Don’t whine to the admins! Only things to watch out for are listed here:


  1. NO PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES OR TEXT: There are folks (and kids) here that probably shouldn’t be, but Facebook controls that. We don’t want porn here either. Report it via Facebook to the Admins. Thee decisions are final.
  2. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS OR BULLYING: If you can’t stand the heat… don’t cook up comments. If you are being attacked or bullied, report it to Facebook directly, not the Admins. Facebook has a system for evaluating your concern. We are not looking for character assassinations here. Decided not allow posts about people not verified by an outstanding source mugshot or warrant on. Celebrities, politician and public figures are welcome. Just no bully troll bashing stuff.
  3. THICK SKINNED VOCABULARY – CUSS ALL YOU WANT: Fuck it. No time to monitor it and if you are here you should have thick skin. We’d prefer you use intelligence to argue and cussing for effect.
  4. ADMINISTRATIVE LIMITS: The posts admins make that are part of doing business (advertisements, policies, charity drives) are also off limits for abuse. Be nice on those. If it gets ratty, we will delete comments and posts about our policies. Don’t abuse our advertisers, charity efforts or Admins. It’s a courtesy you offer us for having developed something cool like WARS!
  5. NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: Don’t pedal stuff like illegal drugs, body parts and animal parts for example.
  6. NO BASHING:  We don’t like business bashing or character assassinations. The validity of them is hard to prove.  Admins delete them in the comments and posts without regard or notice.  Don’t ask or make a fuss about it.  There are bashing groups out there.  Join one if it is your thing (puked a little right there).
  7. NO SPAMMING SUBJECTS:  Hey, we realize you are passionate about whatever your subject is.  If the Admins feel you are over-posting it, we will delete new posts about the same thing even if slightly different.  Don’t argue it.  Find something original to discuss after your 1st post about a subject.  At least wait a week or two and come up with a different angle.  Our Members are not yours to bore and our feed is not to be monopolized.  This is WARS! and you can bite it if you don’t like that.
  8. DETRENDING POSTS.  If your shit is not popular anymore and people are just carrying on other discussions or you are bumping it by commenting yourself, we close it with a sign and delete all comments after that so it does not trend and can slide into the Facebook search history.  When we see one recycled from way back, same thing.  Keeps it FRESH, like a spring fucking breeze.
  9. 48 HOUR KEYBOARD BATTLE: Do think a member should be banned because they bring down the group, take up too much comment space, or are a lame trolling asshat? But didn’t break the rules?HOW TO Request a 48 HOUR KEYBOARD BATTLE:

    Tell an Admin, you are challenging your opponent to a 48 HOUR KEYBOARD BATTLE with reasons why you think they should be gone:
    •   An ADMIN makes a post with the subject and you battle it out.
    •   All other comments will be DELETED.
    •   If they accept, you argue it out publicly in the post comments (24hrs)
    •   To decline say “I decline” or refrain from commenting.
    •   Any other comment or action in other posts will be considered acceptance.
    •   At the end, an admin will post a Poll (24hrs.)
    •   The members will be polled with following:
    XXX Ban Defendant
    XXX Ban Complainant
    XXX Ban BOTH (2X Edged Sword)
    •   There will be a minimum of one ban if you make us post a poll. Don’t post your own polls. Only true keyboard warriors need apply.
    •   Admins are exempt from BATTLES as they do work and don’t deserve the extra shit. They also can not challenge one.
  10. Hoping we don’t need a 10th rule. 🙂