What is SCANNER GROUP LLC and why does it exist?  It really H.E.L.P.S.?

Scanner Group LLC
is a network of Facebook Groups and Websites in Southern Oregon, forming a COMMUNITY OF CITIZENS & NEIGHBORS.

So what?  Info’s everywhere.  What’s so special?

The beautiful effects of hearing GOOD INFORMATION are ACTION in the community and getting to know our NEIGHBORS better.

How does it come together?  What do you do?

Members of Scanner Group have accomplished amazing results in a very short time by participating in a spider web of Facebook groups and websites that allows individuals to REVIEW, DISCUSS, AND INTERACT around their interests.  Facebook users engage in online communities of people that match their interests with a Group.  From crime and mental health, to guns and outdoor activities, to parenting and relationships, and even debate and comedy – Members join and return regularly:  WE HAVE SOMETHING INTERESTING FOR YOU TOO.  There are 2 dozen Groups and 3 websites (and a fourth in our day dreams) that culture friendships and alliances.

Doesn’t Facebook do this?  Why organize?

Facebook provides a phenomenal network, massive storage, intelligent software and INNOVATION in all it does.  We are thankful for what Facebook has become… the stuff that social, intellectual, political, entrepreneurial and philanthropically revolutions are made of.  We are facilitating just that: A REVOLUTION.  While Facebook provides the technical gear and community standards we love, it’s missing something.  THE PEOPLE!  People… their trials and tribulations, discussions, content, actions and souls… PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.  So Directors, Admins, Reporters and Members are the KEY TO LEVERAGING what Facebook is so gracious to provide into something Southern Oregon can be proud of.  WE CROWD SOURCE COMMUNITY ACTION & PARTICIPATION.

Goal in all the screen time?  Why bother?

When those networks of people and electronic align, connections form, and they facilitate CHANGE in the future of the Southern Oregon Community.  Organized by a talented group of Administrators, and maintained by the Citizens at large with support from the business community, the Members of Scanner Group have MADE A DIFFERENCE in many lives!  Happier Citizens make for a happier community. 🙂 It is our goal to love & protect OUR OREGON through breakthroughs in community support and relations. The Members of Scanner Group are willing to fight for her safe deliverance from a potentially horrible future.

With crime, poverty, addiction, abuse and despair ALL UP, we watch what’s GOING DOWN diligently, and take ACTION.

Scanner Group H.E.L.P.S.

L.  |  LEAD

Help rape & molestation victims
Help the sick and mentally ill
Help fosters and wards of state
Help fund community improvements
Help the unemployed
Help clean up the outdoors
Help potential suicide victims
Help reduce domestic abuse
Help repair vandalism
Help seniors
Help stop bullying
Help the homeless
Help those injured in accidents
Help those that lost home in a fire
Help veterans
Help console neighbors
Help counsel neighbors
Help with man-hunts

Expose  grifters & cons
Expose child abusers
Expose drug dealers
Expose home break-ins
Expose sex offenders
Expose vandalism of property
Expose vehicle break-ins
Expose vehicle thefts
Expose wanted individuals
Expose potential needs in our community
Expose locations and patterns of organized crime

Lead people to employment
Lead in being stewards of the golden rule
Lead in teaching others tech and life skills
Lead medical & medication discussions
Lead parents
Lead healthy relationships
Lead healthy living
Lead in work ethic
Lead in simple & complicated research
Lead in community solidarity
Lead in integrity

Promote addiction recovery
Promote addiction treatment
Promote charities and causes
Promote community awareness
Promote discussion
Promote education
Promote faith
Promote healing
Promote local business
Promote local resources
Promote mental health
Promote philanthropy

Search for missing adults
Search for missing kids
Search for missing pets
Search for missing vehicles
Search for missing gear
Search for solutions to problems
Search for ways to increase awareness
Search for ways to improve safety