Send a letter against mask mandates to your School Boards, Gov. Kate Brown and your beloved County Commissioners!

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Dear Jackson County area School Boards, Gov. Kate Brown, and County Commissioners,


I am writing to inform you of my deep commitment to educators’ freedom to choose when it comes to the current COVID-19 vaccine mandate. As such, I am fully in support of the efforts to advocate for our freedoms through the rally at Medford School District Offices on Biddle on September 8th. We implore you to advocate for our freedoms in the same way that we fight for what is best for our students each day.


The vaccine mandate is far too overreaching. The freedom offered to School Teachers, Staff, Parents and Students, by the United States Constitution, Oregon Constitution and Jackson County Charter cannot be infringed upon. Oregon School Board Association oaths, rules and guidance must follow law, and the will of the people in their district. I am calling on you to represent our community by returning local control to our county for school Medical Rights issues immediately.


Sincerely and with conviction,

(your name)

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