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Public Safety Prevails, A Hard Day for ALL.

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Articles & Events

On March 16, 2015 at approximately 4pm, a report came in of a man in a kevlar bullet proof vest with a rifle assumed armed and dangerous.  The location was a house in the 300 block of Argyle Court in Medford near Ross Lane and Sweet Road.

The call was posted and Members of Jackson County Scanner Group in the area began to comment with pictures and information.  The Medford Police Department moved quickly to secure the area with blockades, neighbor evacuations, and by asking others to stay inside, keeping the area clear.

MPD had texts from the suspect, but no answered calls.  Eventually all attempts to contact him were ignored.  Members reported the man regularly walking around the house, which had some windows covered in cardboard.  He also turned lights off and on several time.  As officers, and later the SWAT team tried to look into windows and access the roof via a ladder requested by radio, things got quiet.

The suspect had locked himself in his house, creating a standoff situation that lasted all night and into the next morning.  As the situation progressed, MPD exhibited honor, patience and skill.  Other comments ensued from Members, displaced neighbors and others in the hood.  Lieutenant Mike Budreau with MPD used the Scanner Group feed at several points to communicate with evacuated from the area.  He facilitated them returning for belongings or home for the night if their homes were secure.  New media, as we have recently learned, is often the fastest way to communicate to the masses and quell public curiosity.

Later in the evening, the suspect’s girlfriend made her Scanner Group Membership known by commenting on the post.  She was met with care and concern by Admins and Members,  and that makes us proud.  The response may have been too much because she was quickly gone.  Hopefully Julie knows Scanner Group and her community care about her and her boyfriend.

At approximately 10:30am on Tuesday, over 18 hours later, the report of SHOTS FIRED came over.  The suspect had opened fire on officers.  With personal, team and public safety at risk, MPD & SWAT to necessary, appropriate and fast action firing upon their armed attacker.  This is often described “as suicide by cop” in the news.  A little later Mercy Flights was requested then declined by Commander Ben Lytle.  Paramedics were released and traffic was resumed.  The announcement of a mortal casualty resulting from necessary police action is not appropriate for the radio.  No van or cruiser was dispatched to haul a living suspect and the scene was closed for investigation.  Commander Lytle also asked for the scene to be left untouched.  NOBODY WANTS this outcome, but it became apparent that anything less would put innocent lives in jeopardy.

The Scanner Group Admin Team would like to thank MPD, SWAT, Commander Ben Lytle, Lieutenant Budreau, neighbors, contributing Members, Admins and the public for seeing this one through to a safe outcome.  In an era fraught with confrontations that end badly and are reported quickly, there was no disrespect or fast judgement.  Instead, calculated, patient Law Enforcement action and public cooperation took center stage.

We offer our condolences, help and love to the family of the deceased and are deeply saddened by the loss of life.  We offer our support, admiration and respect to MPD & SWAT for being the public’s guidance and protectors in situations that require extreme delicacy and tact. 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS:  If you feel helpless, distraught or like giving up, we urge you to seek out a friend, family member or the Crisis Hotline at 541-774-8201. Even reach out to an Admin or Member of Scanner Group.  Your community cares.  Give them a chance to help.

One of our favorite, local TV news contacts, Roma Villavicencio with KOBI NBC 5 was on the scene throughout the event.  Please view her reports from KOBI 5’s YouTube feed below for more details as they are released.  We will updated the news clips and this story as more becomes available.  Check back.

Watch more TV News videos from Roma Villavicencio & KOBI NBC 5 on YouTube.

(credit to KOBI for news clips and KOBI + SG Members for the still photos posted below)

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