Thank you to the Scanner group admins, and Modarators
Over the years of Scanner group’s existence we have seen a number of changes, and improvements. As of recently we have had members of the communities we serve come up to us and thank us for our service. It has been expressed that the outstanding reporting, along with the relaxed but professional way the group is run has made members of the communities feel safer, and informed. A lot of this is a direct result of the integrity of the Scanner Group Admin Team. Every member of the Scanner Group Administration team Demonstrates adherence to honesty, integrity, and Respect for themselves, and others.

Members of the community have expressed appreciation for the Honesty of the Administration team on, and on the Scanner Group Facebook group pages. One comment that is repeated often is the amount of Honesty through transparency really makes members feel comfortable.

The integrity of our Admin team is impeccable, and stands out to others that look to use Scanner Group as an example. Some of the ways the public sees the integrity of the Admin team is in how quickly issues are resolved. Sometimes it is from simple things like posts that are not within the guidelines, and other times it is directly related to the bashing of group members. One of the things worth repeating here is that it is hard for the admin team to see every post on every page all of the time. If you feel something needs to be seen, Please report it to the group admins. We will review it, and take needed action depending on the reason for it being addressed with us. Please remember we value you as the members, and we use your reports to assist us in making the community a better place for all of us.

Our admin team strides to make all of the sites that Scanner Group operates friendly and enjoyable for all. In doing so we not only expect respect for our administration team, but our Administration team respects you the group members. In our ongoing efforts at making the group it has become we encourage members to have respect for themselves, and for other members of the groups we operate. Some of the outstanding ways people have seen this in action include Postings of prayer for a member of the community, or in the overwhelming amount of support for people that are trying to turn their lives around.

In some cases members have had to be reminded about this aspect of respect for others, and have had comments or posts removed so as to maintain the integrity of the group. When this is done, the administration team may reach out to the poster and tell them why the post was removed. This helps us to maintain the honesty with members. So in closing we would like to thank you the members for being our group members, and helping us to help you. We would like to take a minute of time to express our gratitude for the Admins, and moderators that make all of this possible. The next time you see one of the Admins or Moderators around, feel free to say a quick hello to them. Don’t be afraid, they won’t byte.


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