Vehicle Burglaries During the Christmas Season:  Protect Yourself

by Bill Froehlich

from the Column “Bill on Justice” on Scanner Group

There is too much giving to the bandit of our hard earned money and property, especially around Christmas time.
Why is this? 

We inadvertently give up our stuff without realizing we contribute to making it easier for the bandit to clean us out. The majority of this occurs through vehicle burglaries in busy parking lots where you spend hours shopping. This is especially evident during the Christmas season.

What is it we do to help ourselves to part with our own property?

Leaving purchases, purses, prescriptions, mail and other items in plain view in our vehicle. Do not leave ANY property in your vehicle. Lock your vehicle. The Bandit walks through the parking lot looking for anything thing visible in your car. Same thing as you shopping at the store, except the bandit doesn’t pay for the transaction, you do. Many times, there are teams that drive through the parking lots, with one walking and the other driving the load up/getaway vehicle.

  • Place all purchases in your trunk.
  • Keep your receipts separate from the bags of items you have purchased.
  • Many vehicles have a double lock system that prevents access to the trunk release in the car, USE IT.
  • If your trunk cannot accommodate everything, make a trip home and come back.

Many times, the damage caused to get to the merchandise outweighs the outlay of money you just spent. You, in effect, get a double cost with loss of your property as well as damage to be repaired.

Do not have the attitude that this will happen to someone else, not me.If you can, park closer to the front entrance of the store, making it a more dangerous predicament for the bandit. He is now more observable; therefore more catchable. If you observe a vehicle being broken into, use your phone video and call 911 with the description. By observing, you don’t place yourself in danger. This also allows you to relay information to the dispatcher, which might include the appearance of other bandits and/or the pickup vehicle.

Have a Merry Christmas with no Grinch moments by protecting yourselves!!